Libby Odai

About Me


Hi! I'm Libby Odai

I am a “creative technologist” (essentially a creative practitioner who uses technology) and rollerskating performer.

With my work I aim to blend traditionally “feminine” crafts, such as crochet and dance, with the “masculine” digital as a form of community activism.

Community engagement is a touchstone of my work, and I strive for greater equality and accessibility in my practice. I use community-led engagement to form the basis of my work.

During my working process I aim to I hope to educate and empower communities to devise their own algorithmic systems and break the mold of the “default” in technology in terms of race, class, gender and sexuality.

Available to hire for your digital projects!

Whether you need a robotic mascot or an AI performer, I can take you from prototyping to full project deilvery.

Digital Consulting

Want to blend performance and technology but not sure where to start?
Do you want to undstand the access and equality implications of moving online?

I can also consult on your digital projects, helping guide your creative projects towards digital success.

I have previously consulted for projects with Univeristy of Edinburgh, Rape Crisis Scotland, Produced Moon and Ghosts production of National Theatre of Scotland.


Send me an email if you'd like to hire me for your project.

I am also a roller skater and performer, co-owning the roller skating company Sugar and Spin with Chrissie Ardill.

Previously, we have performed for events across Scotland, for community settings in Govanhill Carnival to Edinburgh Fringe and VEGA